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Your TacMed instructors have all reached the pinnacle of their careers. The entire team is clinically and operationally current. TacMed Australia personnel are at the forefront of our industry with vast experience as Army Medics, Paramedic and Nurses who bring the latest methodologies and best practice into our training packages.

Below are the full-time instructional staff who lead the instructional team to deliver our solutions along with our casual cadre of over 40 instructors who are all currently working in frontline operational positions, as industry leading experts in remote, emergency, austere, complex and tactical medicine.

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Fulltime Training Team

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Matt Pepper
National Training Manager

Matt served 7 years in the Australian Army, working across a number of combat corps roles and graduating from the Royal Military College, Duntroon and the Australian Defence Force Academy. In 2006 he transitioned to the Ambulance, and worked across multiple services as a Special Operations Intensive Care Paramedic and Special Operations Team/Rescue Instructor.

He jointly established the Tactical Medical Operations capability in NSW Ambulance and was integral in raising the first full-time Tactical Paramedic Team in Australia, moving on to become the service's inaugural Clinical Training Officer for Tactical Medicine.

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Michelle "Pep"Lambert
Training Operations Manager

Pep is not only an accomplished clinician, she is also a passionate educator who loves sharing her knowledge and experience to build preparedness in teams.

Before joining the TacMed Australia Training Team, Pep was in the Australian Defence Force as an Army Medic. Joining in 2008, Pep continued her 12-year career, with half spent in a deployable hospital and the other half after being selected, spent as a Kilo in Special Operations Command. During her service, Pep covered multiple deployments and mostly operated in the Domestic Counter Terrorism Tactical Assault Group as a company medic, where she specialised in CBRNe & underwater medicine. Throughout her military career, Pep developed a passion for teaching through realistic scenarios and immersive simulation which led to her being one of the package masters for the first bunch of Australian SOFMED Courses and first CBRN Medical courses for Australian FORCOMD. The later ended with her being awarded the Chief of Army Gold-Group Commendation. Pep has now been with TacMed Australia since 2020 and is now the Training Operations Manager for the TacMed Training Team.

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Andy Hughes
Training Operations Specialist

Andy joined the UK military as a Royal Marine Commando in 1999 before successfully undertaking selection to become a UK Special Forces Paramedic in 2005 to which he served for the following 16 years.

During his tenure he deployed on numerous operations and has performed in most austere environments. He specialised in jungle and tactical medicine and was a UK counter terrorism National Inter-agency Liaison Officer (NILO) before emigrating to Australia.

He has a Post Grad Certificate in Healthcare in Austere Environments, completed the London HEMS Crew Course and the Diploma in Immediate Care with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Andy is a registered Paramedic in the UK and soon to be in Australia.

Casual Team Leaders

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Andrew Bennett
Training Operations Specialist/RCC Course Manager

Andrew is currently working in frontline pre-hospital care in NSW, with postings to Metropolitan Sydney, Outback NSW and now Central West. He has 10 years experience with NSW State Emergency Service as a swiftwater rescue, vertical rescue, remote land search operator, as well as a group officer and lead instructor in numerous skillsets.

Pre-hospital experience in South Africa responding to emergencies in hostile environments in the greater Cape Town area. Pre-hospital experience in Mexico responding on provincial government ambulances. Pre-hospital experience Ambulance/Helicopter, Fire/Rescue and Policing experience in USA with numerous agencies including Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations, LA County FD Station 3 East, LA County Sheriff SWAT/Air Rescue 5 Helo, Santa Barbara PD SWAT, Las Vegas Metro PD SWAT, LV Metro PD Search and Rescue, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

TCCC San Diego, California. TECC Miami Florida. K9 TECC Charlotte, North Carolina.

Rescue and Medical training in Thailand with Thai military and police units.

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Andreas Hammarfalk
Training Operations Specialist/Simulation Build Manager

Served in the Swedish navy as a rebreather diver long recce unit. Then the SSG and SOG Army tier 1 SOF units. Direct action team member with long range mobility,  HALO/HAHO, naval ship interdiction and personal protection capabilities. Moved on to sniper unit towards the end of his career. Has served in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

In the medical role, besides performing medical responsibilities within the unit, Andreas was part of the development of the SOP's surrounding confined space rescue in battles taking place on ships and the guidelines surrounding Traumatic Brain Injury.

This has given him a medical perspective that is closely related to the first on site and a strong focus on working with limited resources. Often with a patient over long periods of time without external support where you have to rely on the basics to invent solutions to medical problems.